MROP Members can log into their Owner’s Portal at If you don’t have an account set up you will need to select “New users Click Here” If you are having trouble logging in you can call the Reservations department at 1-800-748-4666, for assistance.

Once you have an account and login you can select the account you are wanting to book a reservation for. If you have multiple accounts you can select which one you want to review by clicking the account number in green font.


Once you click on your account number you will be directed to that account. Here it will show all of your account information; address, phone number, etc. On the right hand side it shows “Make Reservation,” “Pay by E-Check,” and “Pay by Credit Card.” You can make a payment or make a reservation by clicking any of the links. To make a reservation you will need to select “Make Reservation”.


After clicking “Make Reservation” it will lead you to the Reservations Request Screen. You can see the account information including what week(s) you currently have available and what color value the week(s) are. Here you can also see the available booking window.

You can narrow down your search by using the Search Options. You can search or sort by the Season (color value), Region, any specific resort, or arrival date.


Once you find the property you want to book at then you can select the “book it!” button on the right.


If you have multiple years’ credits available to use, it will prompt you to select which available week you would like to use for the reservation. In this case only 2017 use week is available. Click the box and select continue gives you a warning and will ask you if you would like to finalize the reservation.

Please Note: If you confirm the reservation and choose to cancel it, MROP will assess a rebooking fee. You must check the box to continue and confirm the reservation if this is the week you want.