VRI - Our Management Company

Vacation Resorts International (VRI) is the management company that MROP contracts with to handle its day to day operations. VRI makes reservations, handles the on-site operations, pays the bills, collects the money and manages customer service for MROP. In addition, VRI operates an international exchange service. There is no membership fee for MROP members to belong to the VRI*ety Exchange. VRI also coordinates all external exchanges with RCI & Interval International.

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Our History

In 1974, Sweetwater, a Utah Corporation, developed a vacation resort in Bear Lake, Utah. This resort consisted of 191 condominiums on a lake beachfront property. Late in 1974, Sweetwater began selling timeshares on a membership basis. The first timeshare membership association was called Multi- Resort Membership Partnership. Originally, members were sold a five-week package in Bear Lake. Additional inventory was purchased in Park City, Utah; Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Lake Powell, Utah; and San Diego, California. Members were also able to schedule time in other Sweetwater developed resorts, such as Lake Conroe, Waikiki, Kauai, St. George, South Padre Island, and Palm Springs.

MROP grew to approximately 5,000 weeks in the Partnership through 1983. With this growth came change and MROP took legal action in 1983 to become its own entity. MROP became a non-profit organization and changed its name to Multi Resort Ownership Plan, Inc (MROP). Since its incorporation, MROP has expanded even further to over 58 locations and over 11,000 weeks.

MROP signed an agreement with VRI in July 2006 to manage its association. MROP has an 11 member Board of Trustees, which is actively involved with its dealings. The Board of Trustees is enthusiastically engaged in the positive expansion of MROP and anticipates continued success.